Baixar Minecraft PE 0.16.0 | Baixar APK Versão Final (MCPE 0.16.0)

Baixar Minecraft PE 0.16.0, Baixar APK Versão Final (MCPE 0.16.0)

Minecraft PE 0.16.0 é a mais nova atualização para Minecraft Pocket Edition, que foi lançado para todos os dispositivos em 18 de Outubro, de 2016.

Após o lançamento de várias betas e versões de teste agora acaba de lançar a versão oficial do MCPE 0.16.0, a actualização tem grandes alterações e inovações para Minecraft, você abaixo fornece uma lista completa das novas funcionalidades de actualização todoas. Os mods para Minecraft pe 0.16.0 em breve também a ser actualizado, os desenvolvedores já anunciaram que estão trabalhando para trazer todas as suas obras para a nova versão do Minecraft.


Download links Minecraft PE 0.16.0 APK

Download Minecraft PE 0.16.0 APK

SuperGamer Mod Minecraft PE 0.14.0 – MCPE Mods

Supergamer Mod is a mod that allows you to be superior in your MCPE game. Survival or Creative. Night or Day! You are Superior!


*Gamemode Switch
*Day/Night Switch
*Sprint Switch(Thanks to WhyTofu)
*Mob Editor(BETA 1.2)
*Can run along side any other mod! (As long as GUI doesn’t interfere with anything)


Version 3.1:
*Initial Release

Version 4.0:
*Added day/night switch
*Added Suicide button
*Fixed most GUI Glitched
*Fixed inventory clear on same gamemode change
*Fixed Run button textVersion 4.3*Added spawn button
*Added teleportation system
*Added custom creative inventory (Replaces held item)
*Fixed number keyboard not showing
*Fixed miscelaneous menu not scrolling

Version 4.5:
*Added new button styles (Must download GUI images)
*Added Mob Editor
*Added button size customization
*Added show/hide GUI

Version 5.0:
*Added ANDROID 2.3.x Support! (Thanks to MrARM)
*Added Welcome Message
*Changed GUI Layout
*Added more Mob Editor Features
*Added ID Reference
*Added crouching
*Fixed crash when killing mobs



Version 5.0:

BlockLauncher PRO

BlockLauncher Pro 0.14.0 V1.11.2 APK Download

The Block Launcher Pro APK is an utility that is particularly been intended for the pocket release of Minecraft. Before going into further insight with respect to it, it merits calling attention to that the utility will decline to work unless you have the full form of the pocket release. In case you’re utilizing the demo form of the J form then you won’t have any fortunes attempting to inspire it to run so this is something to remember. Since this is off the beaten path, how about we shed some light on what this utility truly is and why you essentially can’t live without it in case you’re a day by day client of the Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Block Launcher Pro MCPE 0.12.2 APK Download

Features Block Launcher Pro:

– Patch an unlimited number of PTPatches and ModPE scripts
– Load textures from any Pocket Edition-compatiable texture pack
– Patch server IPs


Support for Minecraft PE 0.13.1
Support for Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)
Support for fullscreen: Settings -> Fullscreen mode
Experimental support for Intel Atom devices such as Zenfone 2 and Hudl2 (Redstone API and addons aren’t working yet)
Add projectileHitBlockHook, projectileHitEntityHook (for snowballs, eggs, and exp bottles for now)
Fix crash when addCreativeItem called before setCategory

Download Block Launcher Pro:

Check the Website

DesnoGuns Mod para MCPE 0.15.3/0.16.0

DesnoGun Mod adds all kinds of weapons to minecraft pocket edition. Who never wanted to have in your minecraft other weapon ?, today is your lucky day this mod has several types of weapons with different damage, as you can see in the picture below are incredible weapons!

DesnoGuns Mod



DesnoGuns Mod r008

- NEW: support for Minecraft PE 0.12.x, 0.13.x

DesnoGuns Mod r007

- NEW: Crossbow
- NEW: Crossbow Explosive
- NEW: Smoke Grenade
- NEW: Riot Shield
- NEW: MSR (pro item)
- UPDATE: many IDs changed! (IDs changed: all the ammunitions and these items: Molotov, Fragment Grenade, Grenade, Medical Kit, Parachute, Knife, DesnoGuns Info, .44Magnum)
- FIX: fixed Settings section not working on Android 4.0
- FIX: fixed a crash with grenades when leaving the game
- FIX: fixed volume options not applied to reload sounds and miniguns

Downloads DesnoGuns Mod MCPE 0.13.2/0.14.0 APK

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