DesnoGuns Mod para MCPE 0.15.3/0.16.0

DesnoGun Mod adds all kinds of weapons to minecraft pocket edition. Who never wanted to have in your minecraft other weapon ?, today is your lucky day this mod has several types of weapons with different damage, as you can see in the picture below are incredible weapons!

DesnoGuns Mod



DesnoGuns Mod r008

- NEW: support for Minecraft PE 0.12.x, 0.13.x

DesnoGuns Mod r007

- NEW: Crossbow
- NEW: Crossbow Explosive
- NEW: Smoke Grenade
- NEW: Riot Shield
- NEW: MSR (pro item)
- UPDATE: many IDs changed! (IDs changed: all the ammunitions and these items: Molotov, Fragment Grenade, Grenade, Medical Kit, Parachute, Knife, DesnoGuns Info, .44Magnum)
- FIX: fixed Settings section not working on Android 4.0
- FIX: fixed a crash with grenades when leaving the game
- FIX: fixed volume options not applied to reload sounds and miniguns

Downloads DesnoGuns Mod MCPE 0.13.2/0.14.0 APK

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Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.3 Apk MCPE 2016 Release

Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk (MCPE) accompanies two modes: innovative and survival. In the innovative mode, players can fly around the amusement world and fabricate utilizing an interminable supply of materials. The center gameplay is in survival mode, where daytime is for building above the ground (stacking pieces to make châteaux, spans, and so on. And night brings creatures that assault players and wreck their manifestations.) There’s no story, and the main point of preference you have in an antagonistic situation is inventiveness.

minecraft pocket edition 0.14.0

Update 0.15.0:

Update 0.13.1 is the current update for Minecraft Pocket Edition which was released on December 16, 2015.

  • Bug Fixes
  • Skin Packs
    • Holiday Skin Pack
  • Redesigned Main Menu

0.15.0 Updates:

Update 0.14.0 is an upcoming update for Minecraft Pocket Edition that was mentioned by Tommaso Checchi on Twitter.




Redstone Phase 2

Blocks & Items

Generated Structures



  • Survival Mode Interface in Creative Mode[20]
  • Smoother Auto-Jump/Auto Climb [21]
  • Pumpkins and Mob Heads can now be worn[22]

minecraft pocket edition 0.14.0 apk

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.0 Apk